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The basic model of tool grinder which can prevent machine tool from colliding 2012-01-17

The design of modern tool grinder is very compact. The parts of machine tool and the components that can be added increase the risk of collision in the limited space of machine tool. The programming system with precise machine tool model can ensure the reliability of machining. The new version 3.5.1 of numroto optimizes the machine model and collision test functions. The existing numroto system can be upgraded to the latest version.

Numroto programming system has been published for more than 20 years, and now it is widely used in more than 2500 tool grinders in the world. Due to the wide range of tools that can be processed by software, it can independently develop grinding program on tool grinder and test collision safety, which is selected by tool manufacturer.

With the continuous development of computer performance, the whole tool grinder and grinding process can be simulated with the most precise effect. Today, most of the machines using numroto are equipped with three-dimensional simulation. Due to the application of 3D-CAD technology, the structure design of modern tool grinder is more compact, and the internal space of the machine must be optimized to be suitable for grinding a variety of tools with different dimensions.

What's more difficult is that the accessories in the machine tool can only be used to process some tools or programs, thus hindering other processing programs. Due to the existence of these obstacles, the programming system must constantly calculate the grinding path to prevent collision, which requires an accurate and realistic machine model. Numrooto 3.5.1 is equipped with a convenient machine model to ensure that the machine model on the computer is consistent with the real machine movement.

Nowadays, the basic model of tool grinder has been used in traditional tool grinding programming system. The machine tools are often equipped with some machine tool components, such as support frame, tailstock, mobile tool holder, special chuck for sintering casting or blade, trimming unit, passivation device and high-frequency spindle. Fixed mounted machine parts, such as trimming units or high frequency spindles, are selected by clicking once from the munroto machine parts list. Until this selection is cancelled, these accessories are always visible on the machine model. For a movable mechanical accessory like a support, the corresponding parameters have been edited. The machine parts with variable positions can be kept in the stop position in one processing step and appear in the working position in the subsequent processing steps. These are accessories of electric, hydraulic and pneumatic drive units, similar accessories are activated by corresponding CNC commands. The most complex part of the model is the axis control of the movement of machine components, such as moving the center frame to the designated position and exiting the designated position.

Addable components can be installed on each machine part. The pressing device is installed on the mobile support frame, and the guide sleeve is installed on the mobile center frame. Various shapes and sizes can be selected for adding components. If the machine needs to reselect other tool applications, simply click the mouse in numroto to select other size add components.

Machine parts and add-on components are stored in numrooto database, so database backup can also be performed. Because of the unlimited range of options, even very complex machine details can be displayed very realistically.

Because the machine model has been integrated into the programming system, the collision safety test can be carried out for the newly generated tool program before it is processed on the tool grinder. Collision tests run at high resolution and detect collisions even between very small components.

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