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How to check the accuracy of the handle 2012-01-17

Many customers will find in the process of using the tool handle that there is a big jump of measuring tool handle on the machine tool. Many customers suspect that there is a problem with the tool handle. Is there any problem with the handle? Let's do some analysis:

In fact, the measured runout on the machine tool is not only the runout of the tool handle, but also the comprehensive runout of the whole system with the spindle, the tool handle and the cutting tool (or measuring bar) clamped together. This runout is not only related to the machine tool, the handle and the blade, but also to the clamping method and operation (such as whether the handle and the jacket are clean, etc.).

But, in the machine tool to measure out the tool handle runout is small, it must be able to show that the tool handle runout accuracy is good? Not necessarily! On the same spindle with large run out, install a tool handle with good run out accuracy and a tool handle with poor run out accuracy to measure the run out, and the result may be the opposite. Even if it is the same tool handle with the same spindle, the tool handle rotates 180 ° twice before and after it is installed on the spindle to measure the jumping momentum, the result may be completely different

After the above analysis, we want to measure the runout accuracy of the tool shank on the machine tool:

1. First of all, it is necessary to ensure that the runout accuracy of the machine tool spindle is reliable. The runout accuracy of the spindle of the machine tool can be measured with a measuring rod in advance.

2. To ensure that the machine tool spindle, tool handle, cutting tools and other mating surfaces are clean, and that the correct method of operation is used.

But often in the customer's field test out the tool handle jump big words, the customer will first doubt is the problem of the tool handle. Here is a quick way to determine whether it is the problem of tool handle or the problem of machine tool spindle in this case:

First, mark the position of the tool handle corresponding to the maximum runout value, and then rotate the tool handle 180 ° and install it on the spindle of the machine tool to measure the runout. If the maximum runout value is still near the mark position of the tool handle, it indicates that there is a problem with the tool handle; if the maximum runout value appears near the mark position of the tool handle, it indicates that there is a problem with the spindle.

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